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MP3 player     satellite driver  

Play your favourite MP3 songs and music
stored in USB thumb drive or SD cards. Just plug in into the slot readers conveniently
located at the subwoofer box front panel.Essential control buttons:
mode/prev - vol-/next- vol+/play - pause

  Enjoy clean mids anywhere in the room creating a warmer and more natural ambiance. Large 3" side speaker drivers, 2.5W each of output power uniformly disperse and fill the
room with rich and accurate sound.
bass control button        
adjust bass level with great ease via
finger friendly rotating knob.

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This amazing little sound machine is truly impressive. It delivers punchy bass despite its compact size, enough to enjoy a little table rattling sensation.
Driven by two 3" satellite drivers, vocals and details come through with brilliant clarity and uniformity.
It suits very well if you need to enjoy private music in tight space at your cluttered desktop or in a small room.